Tips to Earn Extra Money as a Glow Stick Vendor

Tips to Earn Extra Money as a Glow Stick Vendor

Get Ready for This Year’s Summer Events

Here’s a money making tip for you this year.

Here at Premier Glow we’ve found that a number of people are buying glowsticks, necklaces, bracelets, and sometimes body lights at wholesale prices and in turn re-selling them at a profit at events. Summer time functions are usually the best time to try this money making idea.

What you’ll need: something to efficient carry money and your glow novelties and an event. How much do you make? Depends on what you want to make! The value of glow sticks re-selling is up to you. Usually $1-2 each for a large glow stick, if not more, is reasonable.

In tough financial times, you’ll consider making 100%-500% on some of our products. Essentially, you buy, we ship, and then you sell. Really simple, the only catch is, if you can call it a catch, is you need an event to sell at.

Ensure you can sell without offending organizers. Perhaps you’ll need to register as a vendor. Otherwise, use a bit of your entrepreneurial spirit and venture out as a glow stick vendor. We’ve known customers who’ve been doing this for years and keep coming back every Summer to buy some more.

At Premier Glow we thought it would be a nice idea to share this idea with you. It helps us since you need to buy quality and low cost glow materials, and good for you because the profit margins are quite high. So get ready for football games, fireworks displays, outdoor festivals and BBQ’s, etc.

I suppose that’s the other catch, it has to be dark outside of this whole idea to take off. Added promotion for you if it’s dark and you’re walking around flashing lights and glowing! By the way, another tip, try to hit events with kids, or I guess teenagers with nothing better to spend their money on :P.

Let us know how this idea works for you and what kind of unique ways you sold your glow sticks.

While we’re on the topic, here are some additional recessional resources to help you through though economic times:

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