Play Different Games Using Glow Products

Play Different Games Using Glow Products

Playing games is an activity which no one can resist. Both kids and adults equally love to play games. For many adults, games are recreational activities, which help them get out of work stress. But for kids, they are complete fun; they just relish themselves playing games.

Day time is always filled with fun as the environment is convenient to play any type of games, especially outdoor games. But during nights, it is unsafe to play due to poor visibility. Nighttime too can be made entertaining and joyful by playing routine games using glow products. Let us know about few interesting games which can be played in the dark by using glow products.

Night golf

Golf is a favorite sport for many people. It is generally played during the day time. Today, you can get glow products that are specially designed for this game to help golf enthusiasts play even in the dark. This led to the evolution of the sport called ‘Night Golf’. The night golf equipment consists of all the golf accessories like tees, fairways, hazards, night golf balls, holes, night golf wear (includes, necklaces, badges) and flags. All these accessories make it easy to play golf in the dark.

Glow stick scavenger hunt

Glow stick scavenger hunt is an adventurous and exciting game. To play this game, all you need to do is to select a dark (extremely dark) room. Now hide several glow sticks in different corners of the room and let every person start hunting them. While you are hiding these sticks, make sure that only a little part of it is visible. You can even hide them completely to create more excitement.

Give each player a bag and let them hunt these light ups. The player who collects maximum glow sticks stands as a winner. To give a twist to the game, you can also add star to one of the sticks and hide it in extreme corner of the room, making it truly hard for players to find it. Whoever finds this special one will win the game.

Glow stick nighttime tag

Tag is a favorite game for most of the kids, which is played in open ground during day light. It can also be played at night using glow products. Let us know how to play this game with the help of glow sticks.

This game is played like a regular tag, in which one person of the team will be ‘it’ and he will tag any of the remaining persons in the team who are supposed to escape from being tagged. However, every person in the team will be carrying a glow stick of any color except red. The person who is ‘it’ will carry a red one. Once the ‘it’ person tags the other member in the team, then he becomes ‘it’ and exchanges his glow stick with red one. The real excitement in the game lies in identifying each other in the dark with the help of glowing sticks.

Glow stick flying disc throw

Disc throw is surely everyone’s favorite and it can be made more impressive by adding glow sticks to the disc. Tape glow sticks to all the flying discs. Also outline the play area using various colored glow sticks. Now mark the standing line and make every player line up with their flying discs. Each player will have three chances to throw the disc as far as he can. Mark each player’s longest distance and the one who throws farthest wins the game.

Glow stick volley ball

Volley ball and glow sticks are exciting combination. You can play glow stick volley ball by just placing an activated glow stick inside a white balloon. The rules of the game are same, having two teams and a volley ball net. Keep a target of few points, such as 15 or 20, and the team which scores the target points first wins the game.

Playing games in the night is safe and exciting with these light ups. Glow products make the overall gaming experience different and memorable.

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