Glow stick parties

Glow stick parties

Glow stick parties aka glow parties & blackouts!
Never heard of a glow stick party? Over the past few months glow stick parties have grown from a small idea into a national explosion. Kids all around the country wanting to have or attend a glow stick party. The popularity of glow parties and blackouts grew from the glow stick man costumes kids have worn for Halloween the past few years. The basic idea is simple, turn out the lights and make everything glow.

What types of glow sticks are needed?
To have a glow party you can use any glow stick, some of the most common glow sticks used are glow necklaces, glow bracelets, eye glasses, glow sticks, and more! Make sure to decorate everything using glow sticks, the tables, chairs, walls, and even the attendees. Budge withstanding you can even expand beyond glow sticks and add light up toys as well. Use light up sun glasses, necklaces, wands, and hats accessorizing the experience even more.

Glow stick party venues
If you don’t want to go to the expense of planning, and prepping for a glow party, it’s easy to attend one near you. Check with your local skating rinks, and bowling alleys, often times they throw a glow stick party once a month. Generally the skating rinks and bowling alleys charge and extra dollar or two for admission to cover some free glow sticks for the partiers.

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