Anatomy of cheap glow sticks

Anatomy of cheap glow sticks

Without exception every consumer wants a great deal, who doesn’t especially with glow sticks. Cheap glow sticks made from recycled plastic can be problematic in many different ways.

Recycled plastic

Glow sticks or glow products in general made with a percentage of recycled material can be dangerous in some instances. Because glow sticks can be easily twisted, bent, smashed and so on, the quality of plastic used is very important. When glow stick manufacturers try to make glow sticks cheaper it’s inevitable the cost savings has to be saved from somewhere. Raising the percentage of recycled plastic used in glow sticks to a higher level allows for a cheaper manufacturing cost. However, raising the amount of recycled plastic used in glow sticks can cause them to break, crack, and even leak. Always remember cheaper is not always better, especially when dealing with glow sticks.

At Premier Glow, all of our glow sticks are made from 100 percent new plastic with zero percent recycled material. Safety is number 1! We care a great deal about glow stick safety and you should too.

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