Learn About Some Dancing Styles Using Glow Sticks

Learn About Some Dancing Styles Using Glow Sticks

It is quite popular to see glow sticks being used in teen parties and party raves to perform different tricks, games and dance. Dancing using glow sticks has gained popularity to the extent that they became a part of the culture in most of the pubs and clubs. These performances give a mesmerizing feel to the people watching it.

Some enthusiasts have invented few different dancing styles using glow sticks. Let us check the major forms of dancing techniques using glow sticks.

Basically, there are two main styles: ‘Glow stringing style’ and ‘Free hand style’.

Glow stringing style: This style involves performing various tricks by connecting two glow sticks with a string or a rope. Different moves can be made using these stringed glow sticks with a single hand or both the hands. The most commonly used tricks are the formation of number eight, butterflies and fountains. This style also involves a technique called flowers, in which the arms are moved in circular motions to form different petal varieties. Wraps is another technique, which involves wrapping the strings around the body.

Few more tricks played using glow stringing are:

  • The basic trick involved in glow stringing is making circles using light sticks.
  • The immediate next process is making eight symbols using them.
  • Once people become experts in doing the above two tricks individually, they tend to do them alternatively.
  • Another glow stringing trick is to swing glow stick over the shoulder and to grasp it under the arm. This is considered as a great trick because the transition in doing it with the other hand is very natural, especially for martial arts movie buffs.
  • One more variation of the above trick is to swing the glow stick over the shoulder, but instead of grasping it under the arm, the performer will grasp it behind their back.

Free hand style: This dancing technique involves holding the glow stick in hand and moving it in the required fashion. It includes many free hand techniques like tracing and liquid. Tracing is an act of tracing any part of your body with the glow stick to give it an outline. On the other hand, liquid involves moving glow sticks through midair in a visually appealing way. Kicking and tapping are techniques in which glow sticks are juggled with feet and other body parts.

These are the few tricks while dancing with glow sticks. However, many other new tricks are being developed by people as per their creativity and expertise, ultimately aiming to provide wholesome entertainment for themselves and for audiences.

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