Halloween Hit for Glow Necklaces

Halloween Hit for Glow Necklaces

Got 100 of the Orange Necklaces to pass out for Halloween instead of candy. They were a huge hit with the neighborhood! Had a couple direct “thank you’s” from some parents of children who cannot eat candy and by the end of the evening you hear kids coming up the walk saying “cool, this is the house with the glow necklaces” (most of the people wandering the neighborhood had theirs on by then!).

Had to turn away some sad older kids by the end when we ran out! We’ll definitely be doing the same next year (but will order a few more!). Service was also awesome, arriving in only a few days, product in good condition. They even called to let me know they were delayed a couple days due to supplier delivery, even though they didn’t have to, just so I would not worry about having in time for Halloween (they assumed that’s what I wanted them for). And the price was by far cheapest on the internet, after a long search. Definitely NOT a case “get what you pay for” — was much more! Rating only goes as high as “Good”, but I’d even say “Great” 🙂 Will definitely be back for more, with some birthdays coming up, etc….

Nov 06

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