Body Lights were Perfect!

Body Lights were Perfect!

I ordered several Body Lights–some Red/Green ones for stocking stuffers at Christmas, and Red/White/Blue ones to sell. Also bought Purple/Blue ones to give to friends.

At a charity silent auction, the Red, White, and Blue ones sold out in an hour, and raised a lot of money!

These things sell themselves–I just wore one around, and people came to me and asked where to buy them. When I pointed upstairs, they couldn’t get there fast enough. Kids got their parents to buy, and many grandparents bought them for grandchildren, so everyone was into them!

I’m buying a second batch to sell at clubs where my band is playing, and am trying out the new Rainbow style ones. I expect to be sold out in a night.

Thanks for the awesome service, I received 100% good product. I was also surprised that these were not bulk packaged, but rather individually blister packed, which made for attractive displays at the auction.

Looking forward to the Rainbow ones for another auction!

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