Experience the Thrill of Fling Golf at Night

Experience the Thrill of Fling Golf at Night

Fling Golf, a blend of lacrosse and golf, is jazzing up the fairways. This peppy, energetic game combines the throwing techniques of lacrosse with the traditional scoring system of golf. More young enthusiasts are taking to the course to play this shorter, faster version of golf. It is a great way for non-golfers to experience a version of golf, without being daunted by the 140-page rulebook. In Fling Golf you can use just one FlingStick to play the entire course. With a decent FlingStick setting you back by just $129, it is also more economical than golf.  

You can add an interesting twist to Fling Golf by combining it with night golf. As more golf courses are now open through the night, take advantage of the cooler weather and spend a relaxed night on the greens. Enhance your night golf session with our premier range of night golf supplies. Enjoy an uninterrupted game of night Swing Golf with our new timer-less Night Eagle CV LED Golf Ball.  Activated this ball with the flashlight on your smartphone, and it will stay lit through the session. You can turn it off by shining the flashlight on it again. These brightly colored, glow-in-the-dark balls also give you the feel of using original golf balls.

Fling Golf, by itself, can give you quite an adrenaline rush. Here are more reasons why you should combine it with night golf for even more excitement on the fairway:

Introduction to Golf

Fling Golf is a nice way for non-golfers to sample the thrill of the sport, without having to labor over the nuances of using different types of golf clubs to complete the course. Without the usual day-time crowd of experienced players watching, Night Golf has a more relaxed atmosphere. With Fling Golf, there is also no risk of missing contact with the ball!

New Challenge for Seasoned Pros

Even for those who have perfected their swings and putts, Fling Golf offers an interesting new challenge. Instead of hitting the golf balls, experiment with flinging them around, lacrosse style, and see if you can master a whole new game. Head to the golf course in the evenings to explore the familiar greens in a whole new way.

Shorter Formats and affordable sessions

Several golf courses host night golf sessions at affordable rates. You can pop into the fairways and play just a few holes without burning a hole in your pocket. With courses combining night golf sessions with drink coupons, you can spend the evening in high spirits.

Night Fling Golf outings

With bright golf balls, LED flags, glow markers for the tees and the cup, soak in the carnivalesque atmosphere on the golf course. Fling Golf at night can be a fun activity for everyone, irrespective of age and athletic abilities. It’s also versatile – you can choose the number of players and the number of holes. Played in group of two or four, it is great for bonding and is an exciting alternative to the usual office outings. Substitute Night Fling Golf for family dinners for a fun time on the fairway. Played under the soft moonlight, it can also make for a surprisingly fun date.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your FlingStick and LED balls and light up the fairways!

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