An Event Planner’s How-To: Throwing the Rave of the Century

An Event Planner’s How-To: Throwing the Rave of the Century

Party planners, get ready to through most monumental rave party the rave scene has seen. This guide will lock in a great party and an unforgettable night.

Food and Beverages

What do people eat at a rave? Is there even rave-themed food? This might be the toughest part of a rave. Raves and food aren’t things people usually place together, but your guests have to eat. When you think of rave-inspired music festivals, there are always local food trucks serving food. It is a cool idea to hire some food trucks to set up booths at the event serving a variety of food. Guests can eat when they feel hungry and get the whole rave experience. The best idea is to keep it simple and casual.

For drinks, sparkling lemonade and colorful cocktails are the move. Of course, have a lot of water for people to drink while dancing. Serve drinks in thematic or even glowing containers, so that the party never stops, even while taking a sip! Have some tubs of water bottles around the venue so that there is no shortage of hydration for your raving guests!

Party Favors: The Do’s and the Don’ts

Party favors are a must at a rave, but you don’t want it to feel too much like a kid’s birthday party. It is a good idea to pick party favors that can be used at the rave and make sense. Naturally, raves have a lot of flashing lights, so cool glasses are a must. It is doubtful that the guests remember to bring their rave glasses, so stock up on some cool light up frames and you already have one great party favor ready to go.

You know what makes almost any party a good time and memorable? Confetti cannons to end the night! This is a way to make people aware that the party is ending but on an exciting note. Also, confetti can be vacuumed easily, so don’t sweat the mess. The excitement they bring is worth it.

Party favors that aren’t such a great idea are things that the guests have to hold onto. Nobody wants to carry around items at a rave that they aren’t using. This means these favors will probably get left on a table and forgotten. This is why it is important to not go overboard on favors. Pick ones that are useful, and call it a day.

Location, Location, Location

The key to picking the right location is to find a space that makes it feel like a destination rave and not a rave being thrown in an event space. Many event planners go wrong by picking a space they like and then decorating it accordingly. You want to feel like the space was made for a rave.

There are a few spots that make for a great club atmosphere. Warehouses are great because their high-ceiling, industrial feel goes with the whole “underground rave” scene idea. Look for warehouse event spaces that are ideal for the rave scene in your area.

Rave pool parties are also a hit. The mix of neon and the reflection on the water feels glamorous and Hollywood-esque. This idea is best if you can find a pool event space that allows for glow sticks and other glowing decorations.


Every great party has activities that leave guests talking about it for months. But what kind of activities are there to be had at a rave-themed party besides dancing? Well, everyone loves a photo booth. Get some glow sticks and make a glowing photo booth where guests can print out their pictures for posterity!

Photo booths kind of count as an activity, but maybe you want some more movement or game.  An idea that could be fun for a break from dancing is light-up mini golf. Sounds fun, right? This game is sure to be a hit, especially for rave attendees who aren’t big on dancing. To make this game work, buy some light up mini golf balls and some mini golf sticks. Line some courses with glow sticks and name the course something on-theme.

Potential Staff Working the Event

Staffing is always one of the trickiest parts of event planning. How many people will you need working the event? Does the event space provide people, or will you have to find workers through a third party source? Keep in mind that you will need more workers when the party has food. You also don’t want to go overboard and have a bunch of workers taking up space if their help isn’t needed. It’s best to hire a small and efficient group. It is best to have a nice and outgoing group of workers at your rave! Maybe even hire one to pass out glow sticks and other favors, since that is as important as serving food!

With these tips, your rave can’t go wrong. Plan away and keep the rave culture and style in mind. This party is sure to be a blast.

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