How to Set the Mood for a Spring Break Party

How to Set the Mood for a Spring Break Party

A good spring break party starts long before guests show up. After all, you need to ensure there are enough supplies for the spring break bash you’re putting on, whether you’re an event manager of a Daytona Beach nightclub or own a beach bar.

Spring break is one of the biggest parties of the year, so it’s important to set the mood before people arrive, and of course, to have plenty of games, favors, and refreshments to hold their attention while the party is going strong.

To set the ultimate mood for your upcoming spring break party, here are a few crucial components you should consider incorporating to keep the party alive and your guests entertained.

Drink specials and speciality drinks

Any good spring break party needs drink specials and speciality drinks. These are the types of ingredients that lure in customers, especially if your deals, specials, and spring break cocktails are better than the competition’s.

It’s also important to figure these types of things out ahead of time so you have enough products on hand and ensure every area of your spring break party is thought of and considered well before it’s here.

You also have to find a happy medium between offering a good deal for party-goers and guaranteeing you’re making enough money from the discount. It might be spring break, but you still have revenue goals to hit.

Create the ultimate party playlist

This is a no-brainer, for every great party has even better music. Depending on what kind of bar, event, or club you run, the music should be upbeat, fun, and welcoming. It’s also perfectly acceptable to play a combination of old classics and new hits. This can actually attract a diverse crowd, which could lead to greater spring break sales.

If you really want to take your music game up a notch, you can have designated times for karaoke, or play a new genre every hour. No matter what creative approach you take, your ultimate playlist is going to win over a lot of people.

A good spring break party has games

Spring break is a good time to let loose, and while a karaoke machine will get the party started, having spring break games is how become the hottest spot in town. If you have the room or an outdoor area, games like bean bag toss and ping pong will always be big hits during the welcomed warm weather that accompanies spring break.

Every bar and club is different. Likewise, the games will be different. Therefore, it’s important to match your theme, know your audience, and assemble the ideal games as a result.

A theme

Your bar or club might already have a theme, but if you want to spice things up, it’s encouraged to add a theme during spring break. Some common themes are throwing pool parties, casino nights, or a Hawaiian luau.

Once again, this needs to be based on your customers. A theme helps to create a lively vibe, change up the scenery, and get your customers in a spring break mood. Plus, people like telling their friends they’re going to a themed party, which can make your spring break rager more attractive thanks to word of mouth alone.

Set the mood with party favors

When it comes to a true celebration, party favors are a must and instantly set the tone. There are so many to choose from, such as flashing glasses and glow sticks. Party favors elevate your party and remind your guests what spring break is all about: Life should be celebrated and fun, and there’s more to it than simply working, which is one of spring break’s greatest reminders.


While some places decide to cater, food trucks are becoming increasingly popular, and they can help to make the serving process convenient for you and your customers. You could hire a food truck to serve and cook amazing dishes, which will lead to you doing what you do best—running your bar/club.

Of course, if your business serves food, then you have that aspect covered, and it might be a good idea to incorporate food specials for your spring breakers. Whether you typically serve food or not, when it comes to a spring break party, snacks, appetizers, and meals are essential.

Events throughout the party

Events throughout the day or evening will separate your spring break party from all the others. These events can range from dart tournaments to a dance-offs to scavenger hunts to trivia. Having more than one event can lead people to stay at your party longer, and provide more entertainment value than your bar or club already brings to the table.

Whether your party is going to be in a top spring break destination or not, you have the power to make it the best spring break party your guests have ever been to. Like all good parties, success starts during the planning process. Incorporate some (if not all) of the ingredients above, and keep your spring break guests longing to return for next year’s celebrations.

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