Configure your own Night Golf package

Configure your own Night Golf package

Premier Glow is proud to offer customers an exclusive and thorough system that allows you to develop your own customized Night Golf package. Night Golf is a fun twist on an already enjoyable sport – playing golf at night time is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family during the hours that more people are generally free, and it also adds a new level of challenge to the competitive nature of the game. Premier Glow products help light up the players, the fairway, the holes, the balls, and more. They are absolutely essential for a safe and enjoyable bout of Night Golf. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can customize your package to get the most out of your Night Golf event.

First, you can choose the level of quality or pricing that you would like to select. There’s the “economy” package, which is best for people working on a budget, and there’s also the “premium” glow level, for people who want the complete Premier Glow Night Golf experience. After that, the decisions you make are a bit simpler – just decide how many holes you are playing and how many players will be involved.

Each player will need a Glow Badge for identification, a glow ball or two to play with, and probably some sort of light-up or glowing tee. Each hole will need to be clearly marked and the fairway should be lit up at regular intervals. Premier Glow has packages prepared for all of these necessities and they are easy to handle. Setup is simple and won’t take long – you’ll be having fun in no time! Invest in Premier Glow’s Night Golf products today.

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