Different Practical Applications of Glow Sticks

Different Practical Applications of Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are mostly thought to be used for entertainment and fun in night parties, celebrations and other recreational events. However, there are certain standard and large glow sticks available in brightest colors that glow for longer time. They are associated with important practical applications.

Military purposes: Standard and good quality glow sticks are ideal lighting aids for certain military operations. They are used for marking targets and objects, emergency lighting, map reading and so on.

Traffic control: Glow sticks are the best lighting sources that assist in traffic control in busy areas. Bright colored glow sticks are perfect for controlling traffic. The light from these standard glow sticks can be viewed from a distance which makes it easy for the vehicles to react to the signal accordingly.

Emergencies: During certain emergency situations like natural disasters, accidents, rescue operations are carried out even in dark. Glow sticks, especially green colored ones, in place of flashlights are ideal lighting sources during natural disaster evacuations. This is because they are long-lasting, wind and water-proof and are more easy to handle. They are even used by fire and police departments when gas leaks or during other dangers which pose a serious risk. They are also used as safety tools for miners in case of emergencies.

Commercial fishing industries: Fish get attracted to green light. Therefore, the commercial fishing industry used this principle to attract fishes by using glow sticks. Large-sized standard glow sticks that are water-proof are used to catch fish.

The standard glow sticks are, therefore, helpful in many areas.

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