Light Sticks – Valuable Light Sources in Emergency Situations

Light Sticks – Valuable Light Sources in Emergency Situations

Light sticks are reliable lighting sources which use chemical reaction to emit bright light. They are widely used as lighting sources during emergencies and outdoor night parties. Earlier, they were used only in military operations. But because of their attractive features, they gained huge popularity and became essential emergency tools in almost every household and organization. Let us know few more things about these little wonders.

Light sticks differ from glow sticks: Many people often get confused between light sticks and glow sticks – they think both are one and the same. But they are different from each other. Light sticks are light sources which emit bright light and are specially designed for emergency situations. Whereas, glow sticks are a cheaper alternatives to light sticks and are popularly used as novelty items in parties and events. As the use of glow sticks increased tremendously, people generalized the term for both the products. Though both of them are great lighting sources, they are used for two different purposes.

Light sticks are ideal for emergency lighting: Light sticks are commonly used during emergency situations, as they glow brighter, longer and have a greater shelf-life than the regular sticks. Many survival experts believe that they are effective sources of light after the occurrence of natural disasters like hurricanes, earth quakes, tornadoes and tsunamis. They are also very useful in smaller emergencies like power outages and sudden car break downs in the dark.

Features of light sticks: Since they are battery free, waterproof, windproof, light-weight, and easily disposable, they are widely used as emergency tools. They last for hours emitting uniform frequency of light all the time. They are generally free from phthalate, which is banned in some states.

Available in different sizes and colors: Though light sticks are available in different colors such as green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, red, white, purple, and aqua, the most common colors used for safety operations are the red, green and yellow. Red sticks are useful for sending emergency signals and green for better lighting. Yellow light can travel longer distances and can be visible from far distances. They are generally available in the sizes of 4,6,12 and 15 inches, which are easy to handle.

Provide light for longer hours: When compared to the normal glow sticks, these light sticks glow brightly for a minimum period of 12 hours, which makes their use more functional. They are very useful during longer power breaks and big natural disasters.

Convenient to use in various environments: Whether it is high pressure environment under water or highly explosive environment in industries, light sticks can be used anywhere. They are 100% percent safe to use in any environment as they provide spark and heat-free illumination. Since they do not produce any kind of heat they are cool to touch and can be easily handled even by the kids.

Light sticks, as discussed above are great sources of light during natural disasters and other emergencies. Having them in hand (in disaster preparedness kits) makes you ready for any kind of situation. Bright light in the dark removes fear, particularly in emergency situations. They create sense of confidence and security. Don’t worry about their expiry. They have longer shelf life. They are easily available online. Some stores even offer them at discounted price if you purchase them in bulk.

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