High Intensity Glow Sticks – Ideal Lighting Aids for Parties and Emergencies in Dark

High Intensity Glow Sticks – Ideal Lighting Aids for Parties and Emergencies in Dark

Compared to normal glow sticks, high intensity glow sticks (also called as light sticks) are better options to enhance the enjoyment or safety at various celebrations during the night time. These high intensity glow sticks are of high quality and have some special features which make them the improved versions of normal glow sticks. In this article, we will discuss about the features of high intensity glow sticks that make them ideal lighting aids in dark. However, before going to them, let’s first understand how glow sticks work.

Glow sticks work on a basic chemical reaction
The basic principle behind the working of glow sticks is chemiluminescence. There are two different types of chemicals in a glow stick, separated by a glass vial. Once you bend the plastic glow stick, the inner glass tube will snap and the chemicals combine with each other. The chemical reaction results in a cool light which is often colored because of fluorescent dye used in the glow sticks.

Features of high intensity glow sticks
Though the basic working principle remains the same for normal glow sticks and light sticks, with certain specific features, the high intensity glow sticks serve best as lighting sources in night parties and emergencies. These features are discussed below:

Standard quality of chemicals
The intensity of light produced by glow sticks is dependent on the quality of its components. High intensity glow sticks make use of chemicals of higher and standard quality which are non-toxic. It’s very easy to mark the light intensity difference between the high intensity glow sticks and other common glow sticks which are often intended for high use in recreational events or night parties.

Higher chemical concentration
It’s a known fact that the amount of chemicals or the chemical concentration varies the intensity of light. The higher the concentration, the brighter the illumination will be. A high intensity glow stick containing higher chemical concentration glows brighter for a long time.

Brighter colors
In general, you find glow sticks in a wide range of colors including white, blue, red, pink, purple, green, yellow and orange. However, high intensity glow sticks are available only in brighter colors like yellow, orange and green. These colors offer much brighter illumination in dark and hence, are more popularly used at various instances, whether for fun or safety.

The major characteristic feature of high intensity glow sticks is brighter illumination. With the above features like standard chemicals of higher concentration and the brighter colors, they emit light of higher intensity.

Ideal light sources for parties and emergencies in dark
High intensity glow sticks accentuate and elongate fun at night parties including birthday parties, Halloween parties, firework celebrations and so on. They even provide best lighting during emergency situations like blackouts, natural disaster evacuations, tornadoes, fire accidents, and so on. This is possible due to their ability to work in varied environmental conditions including extreme windy areas and underwater in dark. They are also preferred while camping, fishing, boating or any other outdoor night activities to provide entertainment as well as safety.

These high intensity glow sticks are more durable and have long life when compared to normal glow sticks.

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