Glowing Easter Egg Hunt

Glowing Easter Egg Hunt

Tired of planning the same community Easter egg hunt year after year? Surprise the children with a night time Easter egg hunt using glow sticks! Popularity of nighttime Easter egg hunts has been increasing over the past few years as glow sticks have become cheaper.

Supplies needed for a glowing Easter egg hunt

  • Easter eggs: make sure to get the pastel colored ones, so they can glow!
  • Glow sticks: 8” glow bracelets work well, or 6mm diameter 1.5” glow sticks
  • Candy
  • Tape

Easter egg assembly

Assembling the glowing Easter eggs is simple. Remember the light intensity of glow sticks fade over time. If you are planning a large nighttime Easter egg hunt, make sure to have some volunteers on hand to help with stuffing the eggs, assembly line fashion works best. We recommend activating the glow sticks (stuffing the eggs) as close to the event as possible.

  1. Stuff the egg with candy.
  2. Take the glow bracelet coil it up as small as possible. Once the glow bracelet is coiled up as small as possible insert it into the egg.
  3. Tape the egg shut, this step might be optional depending on the egg. Some eggs are made to cheaply and tape is necessary to keep the egg from popping open.

Safety first If this is your first time planning a nighttime Easter egg hunt, make sure you have plenty of supervision. Giving a glow necklace or bracelet to each participant is a great idea that helps you keep a visual on all the kids.

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