Why Prefer Glow Sticks to Other Light Sources for Camping?

Why Prefer Glow Sticks to Other Light Sources for Camping?

Camping in the dark is risky. It needs the assistance of good lighting sources to ensure visibility and thus safety. Though there are many options of light sources, it’s beneficial to prefer glow sticks because of their special characteristics that make them perfect light sources for camping at nights.

Glow sticks are easy to handle and their simple design in different sizes make them easy to carry when playing or getting involved in any sort of activity like trekking or hiking in camps. Glow sticks are wind-proof and water-proof and hence, can be used at any environmental conditions. Therefore, unlike candles which cannot withstand heavy winds of open camping areas, glow sticks provide illumination for a long time without any hassles. Also, there are higher chances of fire risks with candles in the camp area which is not an issue in case of glow sticks as they are non-flammable.

Another benefit of using glow sticks is that you need not bother about the accessories like rechargeable batteries as in case of flashlights. It is really difficult to find the batteries at camp sites. So, light sticks are preferable to flashlights.

Even the chemicals in glow sticks are non-toxic. So, they are safe and can be used even by your kids. Just hang a glow necklace around their neck or ask them to hold a glow stick in hand and follow you. In fact, children are more excited to use colorful light sticks. The fascinating illuminating sources also make the path visible to your kids and hence, assure safety too.

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