Different Applications of Flashing LED Glow Sticks

Different Applications of Flashing LED Glow Sticks

Nowadays, LED glow sticks are considered as one of the best alternatives to the traditional lighting sources in night-time parties and emergencies. Their unique features and versatile applications make them good options for lighting needs. People generally prefer them because they are reusable, accurate and have less scattering of light when compared to the ordinary lights. In this article, we will discuss about some of the specific features of LED glow sticks and their applications.

LED glow sticks are bright: The technology used in LED glow sticks provides brighter light which is superior to other lighting options. Once they are turned ‘on’, they attain full brightness within seconds. Unlike other sources, these LED glow sticks consume very less amount of energy, thus they help in cutting down the expenses.

Easy to use: LED glow sticks are light in weight compared to the normal chemical ones. They generally have a push button and a wrist strap to make it easy to use and handle them. Generally, these lights glow in several modes – steady on, strobe, left to right, right to left, etc. and can be controlled easily.

As the light in the LEDs is produced due to the movement of electrons, these glow sticks do not get heated up and hence are safe to use. Since the heat generated in LEDs in very less, these glow sticks last longer.

The wind proof, water proof and flame resistant characteristics of LED glow sticks made them perfect lighting sources in severe weather conditions as well as in hazardous environments.

Available in assorted flashing colors: Like all other regular glow products these LED glow sticks are also available in single as well as in various color combinations, so that their color is suitable to the occasion. We can also customize the products by placing special orders when required in bulk from reputed stores. LED glow sticks are generally available in various colors which include green, white, pink, blue, red, yellow, etc. along with various lighting options like blink, solid single color and solid rainbow colors.

LED glow sticks bring fun in night parties: These light sticks are more popular in the glow-in-the-dark themed parties. They add fun and entertainment to these celebrations. Glow sticks are widely used in decorating the night parties and are also distributed as party favors. They are also used in rave parties where people enjoy dancing. They dance holding glow sticks in hand to create a lively and colorful atmosphere in the party.

Work well as safety aids: LED glow sticks are one of the functional accessories in emergency kits at home, office or car. These LED sticks serve as great lighting sources in emergency situations such as natural disasters, blackouts, etc.

People of all ages can use LED glow sticks. You need not even worry about their expiry. As long as they are stored away from the sunlight, in a cool and dry place, they don’t need any maintenance. However, the batteries used in these sticks should be checked regularly.

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