5 Ways To Use Glowing Yard Markers

5 Ways To Use Glowing Yard Markers

Glowing yard markers are a great way to ensure that people see where they are supposed to be at night. They can be used for recreational purposes, commercial purposes, or for your home use. Our glowing yard markers are 10 inches long and include ground stakes so that you can plant them where you need them and be certain they won’t drift.

Here are 5 practical ways you can use glowing yard markers to mark your natural boundaries.

  1. Mark golf fairways – If you are a night golfer, how do you know where the fairways are? You can mark them with nighttime glow markers. Just run them along the outer edges of the fairways and around your greens to see where you should be hitting the ball.
  2. Mark your unfenced yard boundaries – If you are concerned about night prowlers invading your residential space, mark your yard boundaries with glow markers. This notifies potential creepers that you are aware of your boundaries and so should they be.
  3. Mark your outdoor play area – If you are hosting a party that will extend into the nighttime hours and includes games, mark your playing boundaries with glowing markers. Works for horse shoes, volleyball, and other outdoor yard and party games.
  4. Mark parking area boundaries – If your company is hosting a nighttime event, tell participants where to park by using night time glow markers. Mark off the parking area to ensure no one parks their vehicle where they’re not supposed to. You can use these for wedding receptions, ball games, church events – anywhere people will be parking in unmarked parking spaces.
  5. Mark a meeting place – If you are meeting a group of people somewhere for professional, personal, or recreational reasons and need to mark the meet up spot, use glow markers. They are highly visible at a distance and let people know exactly where to rally.

There are a variety of uses for glowing yard markers. You can probably come up with your own ways to mark your territory. These glow stakes are inexpensive and the perfect size for any location.

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