Premier Glow’s Confetti Cannons

Premier Glow’s Confetti Cannons

Premier Glow offers a wide range of toys and products for parties and events of all kinds. One of our most exciting groups of products is the Confetti Cannon section, which offers customers fun toys that shoot out confetti for all manners of celebration. Whether you’re hosting a Welcome Home Party, Going Away Party, Grand Opening, 4th of July event, or any other kind of fun time, confetti cannons can spice up your event with inexpensive and safe excitement.

The products come in a range of sizes, from 8 inches all the way up to 40 inches! The 8 inch products are effective for big events where everyone is intended to have a confetti popper, such as weddings or New Year’s parties. The bigger ones are designed to make more of a “splash” for everyone around. The larger the confetti cannon, the farther the confetti shoots – from the 8-to-10 feet range for 8-inch cannons to a stunning 60-80 feet for the 40-inch products!

Confetti cannons are operated by compressed air and absolutely no fireworks of any kind are used. They are relatively safe products and as long as you follow general instructions, they will remain solely as sources of fun. Simply remember not to shoot against the wind or towards any person. It is also advised that people only of ages 14 and above should operate confetti cannons.

These confetti popper products are  great for celebrations of all kind and can be coordinated to orchestrate an epic “grand finale” for all kinds of events. Get them for your next party now!

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