Make your special event memorable with confetti cannons

Make your special event memorable with confetti cannons

Premier Glow primarily specializes in the sale of glow sticks and related products, but we also offer customers a line of premium quality confetti cannons designed to help you celebrate events of nearly any kind. These simple and fun products will make your next party, grand opening, ceremony, celebration, wedding, or other event a memorable one. They’re easy to use, completely safe, and come in a wide variety to meet any and all of your confetti cannon needs.

The cannons come in a range of sizes – the bigger the cannon, the farther it will shoot. The smallest cannons are 8 inches and will shoot 8-10 feet; the largest are a whopping 40 inches and can shoot up to 60-80 feet! It all depends on the size of your venue and the budget you have for the products, but we highly recommend investing in a variety of sizes so people can have fun testing them out.

Ensuring safety with confetti cannons is simple – just don’t shoot against the wind and, of course, never aim directly at a person or animal. We suggest that you only provide confetti cannons to children over 14 years of age to ensure that these rules are followed. The products come with the confetti and CO2 pre-loaded, so there’s no setup or preparation necessary – just point, twist, and hold on.

Confetti cannons make great celebratory items for things like grand openings and weddings. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to show your excitement and add some flash to the event. They can also be used in plays, dances, corporate events, parades, television programs, spots games, and much more. Try them out today!

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